Oakland Raiders’ Anomaly After a Kansas City Defeat and a 6-0

Breaking patterns definitely makes a difference. It means that the ingredients for consistent victories are in the equation, yet the execution is still being perfected.

In a funny way, the Oakland Raiders have made history. It's indicative of new forms, new styles and new passions to overcome whatever stands in the way of ultimate success.

One thing the Oakland Raiders did was tear-up some old, fixed patterns. They are to be feared because they definitely are upsetting folks, confounding them and striking fear in them.

Anybody with any sense will think twice before they start dumping mess on the Oakland Raiders. These young, talented, strong and tough men are out there to play ball. They seem to be anointed with some of the gifts of their ancestors, and it looks like they may even have a double portion of that new found love and passion for winning.

The Oakland Raiders did not make it to the playoffs. Never mind that. They are in an accelerated developmental stage and their growth is outstanding when compared to the past seven years.

Let's look at the bright side. Let's look at what has been accomplished. Let's build on the good, and everything else will fall in place.

Here are some facts, listing final score for 16 games in 2010.

Oakland Opponent 13 38   16 14   23 24   24 31   35 27   9 17   59 14   33 3   23 20   3 35   17 33   28 13   31 38   39 23   26 31   31 10   410 371 39  


1. In the history of the franchise, the Oakland Raiders total points for the season has exceeded 400 only six times, including the 410 for 2010.

2. Here is a list of the years that outstanding scoring was done during the regular season.

WR   1967 468   Biletnikoff ...

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