Oakland Raiders and the 2010 Season: What Does a Win Sunday Mean?

For the last several years, Oakland has been known as a place where dreams go to die. Careers go stagnant, with their only hope, being parole to another club or retiring in shame.

For the last seven years, the best record that can be scratched out is 5-11, achieved three separate times during that stretch: the last two seasons, and in 2004. For a better sense of how much a sixth win would mean to this club, look at the team's history.

Before 2002, the season of the Super Bowl loss, Oakland failed to tally six wins only five times in their history, including two of their first three seasons.

Most of the media outlets tend to enjoy the last seven years, trumpeting the worst stretch in football history, of double-digit losses. But what most pundits seem to forget, is even with the horrible stretch in the late '90s, the worst the Raiders sank to was 1997, when Joe Bugel performed to a 4-12 record. He was shown the door, bringing the Raiders one Chucky: Jon Gruden.

While to most of the NFL, Oakland going 6-5 may not make huge news, as in the AFC East, you might be in third place.

As far as the five wins can carry Oakland, they have had other chances to end this streak.

In the 2009 season, Oakland got to their fifth win, with two games remaining in the season. Losses to Cleveland and Baltimore put the club right back into the earlier pattern.

In the 2008 season, the fifth win came in the last game of the season. It did give the team hope leading into the next season, but it also highlighted close games that the Raiders stood chances at winning.

In the 2004 season, Oakland got to the fifth win at home, against the Titans sent the Raiders to Kansas City, who would win by a single point. A last game, against the Jaguars would end with the Raiders losing by seven points.

What would the sixth win of the season mean for the Raiders and their fans?

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