Oakland Raiders Among The Valedictorians In 2010 Draft Picks

There is certainly a reason to celebrate the progress of the Oakland Raiders in the category of draft choices in 2010. According to the Sports Weekly, published by USA Today, the Oakland Raiders are among the valedictorians of the class.

Three teams received "A" grades:

Oakland Raiders

Detroit Lions

Seattle Seahawks (A+)


Reality stares us in the face. So many have given the Oakland Raiders failing grades. Now, with the excellent rank for outstanding draft choices in the 2010 draft, the self-esteem of the Raider Nation and of the team can rise up, again.

The next measure of improvement will be accessed during the preseason when the Oakland Raiders play the following teams.


Oakland Raiders 2010 Preseason Schedule Date Time Opponent TV Thursday, August 12 6:00 pm   at Dallas Cowboys TBA Saturday, August 21 5:30 pm   at Chicago Bears TBA Saturday, August 28 6:00 pm 49ers.gif" border="0" height="17" style="width: 25px; height: 17px;" width="25">  San Francisco 49ers TBA Thursday, September 2 7:00 pm   Seattle Seahawks TBA Gathering the data for the first four opponents in 2010 will be exciting, especially when comparisons are made about performance, and, of course, victories.

Now the Seattle Seahawks made "A+" for draft choices, while the Oakland Raiders made ""A". Will the performance of the Oakland Raiders on Thursday, September 2, excel and exceed the performance of the Seattle Seahawks. Time will tell.

Dallas Cowboys made a C, and the Chicago Bears got a C-. Will there be a correlation between the preseason performance of the selected teams?

Now by virture of the proximity of the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers there ought to be a lot of competition this year. Let's call it sibling rivalry in the state of California.

The Raider...

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