Oakland Raiders’ Amazing Race: How They Win AFC West and Make the Playoffs

It would be easy to say that the race in the AFC West is over. The Chiefs currently hold a two game lead over the Chargers and Raiders with four games to go.

The reality is that this race is far from over. The AFC West has produced some of the biggest meltdowns and comebacks in recent years.

The Chargers are famous for their second half surges and sneaking into the playoffs. The Broncos are famous for falling apart at the end of the season.

The Raiders, well they are new to this. Most of their roster has never been in a playoff race this late in the season.

A two game lead with four games to go is plenty of time for anyone to catch up.

In 2008, the Chargers were 5-8 and the Broncos were 8-5, with three games to go. The Chargers ended up making the playoffs and winning the division.

Last year the Broncos were 6-0, only to meltdown and give up the lead once again to the Chargers.

I've looked into my magic crystal ball and I was shocked at what I saw.

Let's take a look at the final four weeks and see how the Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs will do.

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