Oakland Raiders Al Davis…Are We Getting the Whole Story?

Following Al Davis' passing this past weekend, it's been fascinating to read about the man in detail to help provide perspective on his life and contributions to the game of football.  

Yet what's interesting, but perhaps common of obituaries, isn't what's being said, but what's left unexplained, as the end of the story seems to be glossed over or ignored for the sake of hiding a less than stellar final decade.

More often than not, the best we can get from any of the major national columnists is Peter King's brief sidenote...

"The shame of being young today is all you've seen is Davis' Raiders flounder. In the last nine seasons, Oakland has been a bad team and adrift as a franchise, and he'd been unable to bring in a smart man to help him run the front office day-to-day. But look at the first 42 years of Davis' professional career, and it's clear he belongs on the Mount Rushmore of football history."

A few days later, in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, King initially celebrates the Raiders recent success, highlighting their win over the Houston Texans, but also takes a moment a bit later to point out the Raiders, since returning to Oakland, have been arguably no better than the Cincinnatti Bengals...

"If you're not a student of history, you might wonder, rightfully, what's with all the hue and cry about Al Davis. I mean, since 1995, when the Raiders moved back to Oakland after spending 12 years in Los Angeles, this is how they compare to another struggling AFC franchise:

Years Games W-L Pct. Playoff Years Coaches Oakland 17 260 107-153 .412 3 9 Cincinnati 17 260 103-156-1 .398 2 4

So what exactly happened here? 

It's easy to write about the good times of days gone by, but for Raiders' fans who have only heard of the myth and legend, I would want some answers to questions about my team and how the better part of last two decades w...

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