Oakland Raiders: After The Draft, Be a Kinder, Gentler Raider Nation

After the NFL draft and trades, let's think of the picks as the newlyweds, who may need a honeymoon for a hot minute.

We welcome, for example, Rolando McClain, Lamarr Houston, and Jared Veldheer to the family.

Some members of the Raider Nation will be "doting fans," showing so much affection for the first few days.

If, however, the Raider Nation does not see results, we will be back to our acidic, sour comments.

The new team members are probably so happy to be instant millionaires in some cases. Imagine them dreaming of all they can do with all of that instant fame and fortune.

Well, the Raider Nation is known to be outspoken and a little tough on the Oakland Raiders. We are tough because, for the most part, we believe in tough love.

How do I know these things? I read the BR articles almost daily, and this is what helped form my opinion of how we are as a nation.

We expect excellence. We expect victories. We expect championships, and we expect to win more Super Bowls.

Can you blame us? The Oakland Raiders spoiled and pampered us for so long with those eras of glory, that we can not bear the neglect we have experienced for the past seven years.

We are like one who has experienced unrequited love for seven years. We love you, Oakland Raiders, but do you really love us?

Now that the new guys have joined our team, we will let them have their honeymoon for a little while, but not too long.

There is so much talent on the team, and so much training and learning that needs to be done to get the team to play well together. They need to build up those instincts to understand each other on the playing field.

We don't want our new guys staying at the dance too long. The dance, metaphorically, refers to the honeymoon period.

So, can we be kinder and gentler, for just a little while? Then, here we go again,...

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