Oakland Raiders: Addressing Preseason Questions

I've read around three or four articles in the past few weeks telling us Raider fans that we shouldn't get our hopes up.

The problem is that those articles don't provide a lot of factual information on why the team will finish poorly this season. They aren't fans of the team, so naturally they don't know what's going on with the silver and black.

Since my slideshow app isn't working, I decided to do this on basic article format.

I'm asking the five most common questions from an outsider's perspective, and then answering from an insider's perspective.

Question One: Kam Wimbley is strictly a 3-4 outside linebacker. After busting in Cleveland, what makes you think he'll transition well to the 4-3?

Well, first of all, read this article by Raiders FC Carl Cockerham.

What's the point of reiterating what someone just said? The article explains how the Raiders will most likely use Wimbley. 

Question Two: Jason Campbell's stats were good, but the fact is that his team went 4-12. What gives?

Consider everything he had to go through last season.

He had:his owner try to get rid of him twice, a lame duck head coach, a distorted play-calling system, the league's worst offensive line, his two best running backs out for most of the season, his best receiving option on IR (Cooley), an ego filled locker room, and a west coast system that didn't fit his strengths as a quarterback.

That, in a nut shell, is what happened. The Redskins would've been 6-10 had Shaun Suisham not missed two game winners, one against the New Orleans Saints.

Nothing of that nature will happen this season, if Campbell plays up to his ability. 

Campbell has a more talented cast of players than he did in Washington. People can try to dispute that now, but in two years they will have no choice but to concede that this group of players ca...

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