Oakland Raiders Abstain and Challenge the Other 31 NFL Owners

Everyone knows that Al Davis is a smart business man. So, when we read that the Oakland Raiders abstained in the recent vote for the CBA which was 31-0, it was a strong indicator that something is not quite right with the plan.

Next, the players did not vote as expected. Again, this indicates that the Oakland Raiders are more on the side of the players than the other 31 owners and franchises.

It takes strong leadership to go against the grain. Sticking out by abstaining from a majority vote is clearly making a statement to the NFL. It says that the Oakland Raiders cannot and will not be forced to agree with a plan that must have some flaws in it.

As an analyst, it could be said that again Al Davis is standing up for what he believes in, no matter what the majority of the owners think.

Some say that the owners threw a curve ball and I am saying that the Raiders must smell a rat in the pack. It suggests that the Oakland Raiders are willing to stand with the men who make the game what it is today.

It's just like Al Davis to stand strong on what he believes.

The drama continues and the clock is still ticking. As time moves on, we have already seen the cancellation of the Hall of Fame game. Well, let's hope the 2011 season starts on time. Moreover, let's hope that the kinks and knots are straightened out in the CBA plan so that the Oakland Raiders can agree with it.

Go Raiders! Stand up for what you believe in!



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