Oakland Raiders: A Super Bowl With Jason Campbell? Al Davis Believes So.

In December 2004, Jason Campbell led Auburn to an SEC championship and a 12-0 season—just as Cam Newton had done a month ago. Alas, Campbell’s Auburn squad was denied a shot at the National Championship game because the NCAA doubted the Campbell-led Tigers.

That’s the story of Campbell’s football career. In the suburb of Washington, D.C., the long-standing sounds of “Boo!” bombarded Campbell at FedEx Stadium nearly every other Sunday during the fall of 2009.

Yet, while Campbell stood behind a rotating carousel of matador offensive linemen, while opposing defenses went on “test drives” using Campbell as the “crash test dummy,” Redskins owner Dan Snyder and GM Vinny Cerato, attempted, multiple times, to replace him.

First with Jay Cutler.

Then with Mark Sanchez.

And finally with Leroy Calhoun, an ex-backup quarterback for Dematha High School and part-time track coach at a local DC area middle school. Not really, but you get the point.

Regardless, Campbell returned to his feet for recurring battering sessions.

Between the physical and psychological beatings in Washington, Campbell turned to former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, his mentor and close friend.

In return, McNabb signed a contract with the Redskins last off season without notifying Campbell. Nor did the Redskins notify Campbell until after the media had broken the story.

Then, the Redskins organization called Campbell and asked him not to show up at Redskins Park for spring training, or voluntary workouts, or for any other reason.

After being traded to the Oakland Raiders, former Raiders head coach Tom Cable lost confidence in Campbell after six quarters of football and benched him.

Just like in Washington, the Raiders organization lost confidence in Campbell. The Raider fans booed Campbell at home game...

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