Oakland Raiders: A Look into the History of Playing the Dolphins at Home

Despite being destroyed by the Steelers last week, the Raiders are still in the playoff hunt.  But another loss might signal the end of the Raiders playoff aspirations.  Both the Raiders and Dolphins are 5-5, meanwhile the Raiders are 4-1 at home, while the Dolphins are 4-1 on the road. These two teams match up fairly evenly, and it should be a good game at the “Black Hole”.  Here are some historical facts and statistics about the matchup in Oakland.

From 1966 to 1996 the Raiders were 10-1 when playing the Dolphins at home.  Since 1997, the Raiders have lost five out of their last six home games against the Dolphins.  Their only win coming in 2000, when the Raiders beat the Dolphins 27-0 in the playoffs.

The last time the Dolphins and Raiders met in Oakland, was back in 2005.  Just like this year’s game, the Raiders and Dolphins faced off in Week 12.  The Raiders lost the game 33-21, dropping their record to 4-7 on the season.

When the Dolphins and Raiders meet in Oakland/L.A., it’s usually a relatively low-scoring affair.  On average, the Raiders have scored 19.4 points per game, while the Dolphins have scored 16.2 points per game.  In fact, the highest score ever posted in the series at Oakland/L.A. was in 1997, when the Dolphins scored 34 points.  The last time the Raiders scored 30+ points against the Dolphins at home, was back in 1967 when they beat the Dolphins 31-17.

The last Raiders player to rush for over 100 yards against the Dolphins at home was Marcus Allen in 1983.  He rushed for 105 yards, on 15 carries, however the game was played in L.A.  The Raiders have never had a player rush for 100+ yards playing the Dolphins in Oakland.  The last Dolphins player to rush for over 100 yards in Oakland was Larry Csonka in 1974, he rushed for 114 yards on 24 carries.

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