Oakland Raiders: A History of Swapping Players with the Kansas City Chiefs

Stanford Routt has been making news because of his decision to join the Kansas City Chiefs.

Let's just say he was cut from the Raiders and his addition to the Chiefs will add fuel to the fire that heats up the intense rivalry between the teams.

There have been many connections between the Chiefs and the Raiders. A few examples are listed.

In 1999, Rich Gannon left Kansas City and became a Raider. In 2000, Andre Rison went to Oakland after leaving Kansas City.

Tom Flores—one of my favorite coaches—left Kansas City and eventually became the head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

Albert Lewis and Harvey Williams went to the Raiders in 1994.

Throughout the years, the two teams have mirrored each other.

When you look at each team's largest victory over the other, you see an almost perfect reflection. In the two games, the winner's and loser's scores were each off by one point, with the winner becoming the loser, and vice versa:

Kansas City 42, Oakland 7.
Oakland 41, Kansas City 6.

Super Bowl championships: the Raiders have three; the Chiefs have one.

AFC/AFL championships: the Raiders have five; the Chiefs have two. 

In 2010 and 2011, Oakland came out on top of Kansas City in head-to-head matchups:

Nov. 7, 2010:  Oakland 23-20.
Jan. 2, 2011:  Oakland 31-10.
Oct. 23, 2011: Kansas City 28-0.
Dec. 24, 2011: Oakland 16-13.

The Chiefs probably wanted to get an advantage over the Raiders by signing Routt. It was a good deal for them, and in line with the player-swapping the teams have engaged in through the years.

The Raider Nation, however, wants to keep the winning pattern that Oakland has had during its recent encounters with Kansas City.

One thing is clear: there are connections and a few reflections when you compare the fierce rivalry between the Raide...

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