Oakland Raiders: A Great Raiders 2011 Season Will Be a Stress Reliever for Raider Nation

Pre-Memorial Day Tribute 2011

Youth is a blessing. Senior years are good, too. The advantage of our senior years is that we can sit, sip our coffee and remember both the good and hard times of the Oakland Raiders. 

On this day in 2011, we also remember the contributions of others.

After all, in times like these we get relief from viewing sports, especially NFL games once the season starts. Hum, if the season starts on time this year.

I don't know about you, but with the international situation increasing in complexity, watching an Oakland Raiders game will be uplifting if they can be more victorious in 2011.

The seniors tell the story so that the younger generation can eventually gain the depth and understanding to lead and move forward. In some communities, it's called oral history.

Now that we have the Internet, oral history becomes written history; anyone can participate and give their account of world events.

This writer became a Oakland Raiders fan in the '60s, and observed the good times of Raider Nation. However, the '60s were perceived as troubled times. After hearing about Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Dubai, Pakistan,  and others, again we are entering troubled times.

With the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan, again we are entering troubled times. The recent violent tornadoes and flooding in the United States, again, are signs of trouble.

Also, Jay S says that the Middle East situation is getting more delicate. We need stress relievers and watching the Oakland Raiders help a lot of people cope.

In earlier eras, a winning team called the Oakland Raiders helped relieve the stress. It is uplifting to remember that our team was a winning one in those days.

We felt elevated because our team was elevated. In a society wretched with assassinations and protests, we still felt like winners. 

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