Oakland Raiders: A Gleam of Dawn and a Ray of Sunshine, No Blackout!

The Raider Nation did it. They bought enough tickets to the Oakland Raiders-Kansas City Chiefs game to lift the blackout.

It has been a long time since the local fans have been able to view the games. Since the game between the Raiders and the Chiefs will be hardhitting, it is going to be a fantastic game to see.

After 11 games and 11 blackouts, the ray of sunshine brightens the future of the Oakland Raiders for 2010. The gleam of dawn is a sure sign that things are going to be quite different on the playing field when the Oakland Raiders enter with fanfare on Sunday, Nov. 7.

Can you imagine the thoughts Al Davis is having? Can you imagine the feeling Tom Cable has after folks started a little propaganda saying that the Oakland Raiders need to cut "the Cable?"

What's more, can you imagine how the team feels knowing that their hometown will see them do great things on the football field?

Darren McFadden will do his thing and thrill thousands of fans. Jason Campbell will be energetic and accurate and place the ball in the palms of receivers and running backs ready to race to the end zone.

People will get a chance to see if luck is the reason or skill is the reason for these outstanding plays during the past few weeks. A composition of things going the right way for the Oakland Raiders and the skills that they have developed are making this a grand team with a powerful scheme.

Silver and black, an eloquent combination, is focused on the glistening character of victory for a team and Raider Nation that has sought restoration to its former glory.

Of course, if the Raiders keep up the pace they have had in the past two games, they may easily exceed some of the former accomplishments on the gridiron.

There is a powerful quote that says, in summary:

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning."

It has been "nig...

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