Oakland Raiders: A Formula To Getting Back on the Winning Track

The once-successful Raiders franchise has been on a dismal downturn for the past seven seasons, accumulating a record of 29-83 (.259). For a while now, they have been considered a laughing stock in the NFL, and have been gradually losing their fan base.

You can’t really blame them though; there hasn’t been much to cheer about in Oakland recently. The organization continues to make poor decisions, both, on the field and in the front office, and has shown scarce signs of improvement.

However, I am confident that they can turn things around and get headed in the right direction if they can fix a few core elements to the way things are run in Oakland.

First off, I can’t stress enough on how important it is to have a team identity. Currently, many NFL fans simply recognize the Raiders as a team run by a crazy owner that severely lacks leadership, continuity, and common sense.

In my mind, the Raiders should generate a run-heavy offense, and rely on their defense to keep them close in ball games.

Yes, the league has been a passing-dominant one for a while now. With an inconsistent QB and an unreliable receiving core, though, expecting to have success in the air is unrealistic.

The Raiders have had a rather good ground game in recent history. Despite faltering the past season, I believe they can rejuvenate their rushing attack that ranked sixth in the NFL during the ’07 campaign.  

The team has invested high draft picks in the explosive Darren McFadden and bruising Michael Bush. Together, the two can create a dynamic duo much like the Tennesee Titans’ smash and dash combination.

While the team doesn’t have a proved lead tailback, many teams don’t, and are starting to use an effective one-two punch, which is something the Raiders should definitely implement.

On the other side of the ball, the Raiders have never had a gr...

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