Oakland Raiders: A Change Has Come Over Jason Campbell and There’s a New Pattern

The Oakland Raiders played ball like a "hurricane" and swept through the playing field, landing time and time again in the endzone.

I don't care what the naysayers are saying. A new trend has been established. There will be no reversals.

Some of the moves were so smooth that I had to play the re-plays on www.raiders.com  over and over again to see who had the ball. I am a novice at paying attention to the minute details of the game.

Now is the time, however, to begin to pay attention to every detail of each game in the future.

Even the experts had a difficult time tracking who had the ball and who was going to make the breakthrough for a touchdown in the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos game.

It was a fast-moving game in my opinion. The energy and passion level was at a zenith.

Did the coaches tell the team, that each and every one of you better get out there and play ball or else your job will be ended?

Did the coaches tell them to get out there and play ball or get their bubble gum and funny book and catch a bus and go home!

Jason Campbell did a much better job. Of course, it can get better and better. I believe it will.

The game was important to boost the spirit of the Raider Nation and of the Oakland Raiders. It was as if they had to get out of the addiction to losing before they suffered an "overdose." That sudden death or overdose would have crippled the team for the remaining portion of the 2010 season.

In other words, the new trend in behavior on the playing field is a sign of recovery. It is a sign of life. The team shall live and not die.

Now once it is declared that the team "shall live and not die" there is no turning back. Turning back would be like a "dog who eats his own vomit."

That's disgusting, but that's the way it can be described to indicate how distasteful it would be to slip backw...

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