Oakland Raiders: 2011 Season Could Be Short for More Than One Reason

There are so many towns, states and countries, yet the man who keeps predicting Judgement Day lives in or near Oakland, California. With the NFL lockout continuing and with the predictions being made by Harold Camping, it seems like time is running out for the Oakland Raiders to reclaim their greatness.

Some folks could be like Marvin Gaye and ask, "What's going on?" Others are joking and jabbing, thinking that the man (Harold Camping) is wrong and there is plenty of time to get certain things done.

Here are a few reasons to consider that timing is important:

1. Al Davis is a senior owner, and certain goals need to be met quickly to please this great man.

2. The lockout continues, charities are being shaken and financial problems are mounting up on certain players. Time is of essence.

3. If Camping is right and if the lockout continues, then we will not see the Oakland Raiders go to the playoffs or reach a fourth Super Bowl victory.

4. If Camping is correct and he is located near Oakland, then those who will be left behind and who are members of the Black Hole will be able to play smashmouth football and the number of penalties against the "left behind" Black Hole members and Oakland Raiders will be gigantic. Since the good guys will be gone, who cares about the penalties?

5. If the prediction is right, then here is the schedule we will be able to witness, and the Oakland Raiders must win each and every game before October 21, 2011.

Raiders 2011 Regular Season Schedule Date Time* Opponent TV Monday, September 12 7:15 pm at Denver Broncos ESPN Sunday, September 18 10:00 am at Buffalo Bills CBS Sunday, September 25 1:05 pm New York Jets CBS Sunday, October 2 1:15 pm New England Patriots CBS Sunday, October 9 10:00 am at Houston Texans CBS Sunday, October 16 1:05 pm Cleveland Browns CBS Since these predictions have alerted so many people...

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