Oakland Raiders 2010: Why Raiders Draft Weekend Puts Them in Playoffs

The Oakland Raiders put the rest of the AFC West and NFL on notice during draft weekend.

The message was clear: "We're back."

While many skeptics will be quick to dismiss the idea of the Raiders reaching the playoffs in 2010, it really isn't that far fetched anymore. Their schedule isn't as brutal as last years, and their division is still weak outside of the Chargers.

Let's take a look at why the Oakland Raiders can make a surprise playoff push in 2010.



Jason Campbell was acquired from the Redskins during draft weekend. This could signal the end of the JaMarcus Russell era in in Oakland. The Raiders will say there is a quarterback competition, but the chances of anyone but Campbell starting is 10 percent.

Campbell gives the Raiders a solid starter, that has the type of skill set that fits the offense perfect. He has the big arm and he takes care of the ball in the red zone. Campbell should give the Raiders consistent play behind center.

The addition of Campbell should be good for an extra three wins for the Raiders. While he may win the Raiders more games, it's safe to say he won't be losing any games for them as well.


Offensive Line

One of the biggest reasons for the struggles of Russell and the running game was the offensive line. Russell's work ethic was always in question and when you match up lack of preparation with a bad offensive line you get exactly what happened last year.

Coach Tom Cable will be spending more time with the offensive line to ensure that they are ready to play every week. The Raiders should benefit from keeping Khalif Barnes and Langston Walker as well as benefit from releasing Cornell Green, the penalty machine.

They also injected youth to the offensive line.

They drafted Jared Veldheer in the third round and Bruce Campbell in the four...

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