Oakland Raiders 2010: Whose Your Leader?

The question of who is the leader of the Oakland Raiders can vary in many ways.

Some would suggest that the Quarterback is the anointed leader of a team, some say it is the coach, and some would suggest it's the Owner.

Someone should help me out here because I am little confused.

I've always thought the head coach was the leader of a football team in terms of production and performance, but in the Raiders case, It's the Quarterback, I think.

I've never heard a coach blame the mishaps of an entire team on one player. But on the Oakland Raiders the blame game comes before the REAL game often times: Football.

I was shocked to hear Tom Cable place the blame of an entire season on one player implying, "We would have made the playoffs if not for the Quarterback."

Wow! Up until that point I had credited it to his horrendous play-calling and strategy. So as you would imagine, this statement was quite the surprise to me.

We constantly hear about how when a player messes up, he should take responsibility as a player for his mistakes and not place the blame on others. But is this not what was done in the case of Tom Cable in 2009?

Is he truly a leader for tossing his player off the boat after he steered it into an iceberg?

No one can deny that Tom Cable's play-calling ability left much to be desired in 2009.

Not even himself as he is even credited by some for bringing in Hue Jackson to help him out. But at what point did Tom Cable realize he was incapable of calling plays?

Was it the seven step drop on the goal-line vs. the Jets, first play from scrimmage?

Or did it span as far back as "Fake- field-goal-gate" Who knows?

The most important thing for Raider Nation going into 2010 is that the Raiders have upgraded or addressed both issues at Quarterback and head coach and should expect a drastic change in production.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders