Oakland Raiders 2010 Training Camp: Bubble Players Getting a Look

How bad do you want to make the team?

A lot of different things go on at an NFL training camp. Newly acquired veterans try to learn a new system, retuning players knock the rust off, and rookies try to prove their mettle. All of this happens under the watchful eyes of the media and fans alike.

With several players still recovering from injuries sustained last season, many borderline players have been given a long look in camp this year.

With Chaz Schilens nursing a foot injury and Louis Murphy dealing with a concussion issue, Paul Hubbard and Shaun Bodiford have been getting more reps than usual. This is a great opportunity for these two.

So far, they haven't taken advantage.

Dropped passes, missed assignments, and bad reads seem to be commonplace for these young men trying to make the team.

To quote Jerry McDonald in his daily Twitter updates from Raiders camp: "Boller finds Bodiford open 50 yds downfield at goal line on post vs. Mitchell. He can't hold it. Bubble players need to make those plays."

It's just more of the same for Hubbard. He doesn't seem to be making much of an impression. If either of these young wide receivers want to make the team, they had better pick it up, and soon.

On the flip side, sometimes bubble players take advantage of their opportunity to shine. Such is the case with cornerback Joey Thomas and wide receiver Nick Miller.

Miller is the pint-sized return specialist that showed flashes of greatness in the 2009 preseason, only to have his hopes of making an impact dashed by a stress fracture.

This type of injury is notoriously difficult to return from, but Miller is making great progress. Quoting Vittorio Tafur's Twitter page: "Nick Miller nice catch across middle for six - he's had a nice couple of days."

This just goes to show, if you don't take advantage of every opportunity, someone else will. M...

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