Oakland Raiders: 2010 Training Camp and Game Recap Against Dallas

From training camp to their first preseason game, Oakland has had a busy week preparing for the season.

Early on, injuries limited a variety of players, some of which carried over to the preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys. Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford, and several others were unable to participate in the Thursday night affair.

As it seems, Oakland's game was a nice change of pace for the fans, especially if you have been waiting months for the game, the Raiders had both good points and bad.

For the good points, Oakland's defense, from the first team with Rolando McClain to Lamarr Houston to the third team with Jerome Boyd and Stevie Brown, helped lock up the end zone, limiting the Cowboys to only three field goals.

Stevie's game ending interception looked like a player covering a kick than a true pick, while Boyd's pick off had end zone written on it when all he had between him and six points was daylight.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Raiders' first team looked as if was still in training camp. Routes could stand to be a bit more solid, the offensive line could stand to hold back the opponents more and Jason Campbell could develop a bit faster, more accurately than he did Thursday night.

A good example of how his work is coming along could be noted by three passes meant for Louis Murphy. With the first pass, he would miss the target entirely...the second pass was caught, but Louis could only get one foot down in bounds. The last pass would be caught, with some decent yardage behind it. It was an Oakland first down made by Zach Miller, showing a good flair for both getting open and being open as needed.

Nick Miller helped the Raiders score their first touchdown of the game with a nice grab from Kyle Boller. The idea that Jason Campbell would play the first quarter, then Boller for a quarter and a half, then Colt Brennan, apparently did not materialize, as Boller helpe...

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