Oakland Raiders 2010: How Could I Be This Wrong?

We're now four games into the 2010 NFL season. A season that I, like many other Raider fans, thought would be the beginning of a return to past glory.

Well, from what I've seen so far, that's not going to be happening any time soon!

Penalties, dropped passes, blown assignments and a run defense that can't stop anyone is what has been witnessed so far. Seems like a repeat of the last 7 years to me.

Granted, it's been more exciting. The offense actually moves the ball and puts some points on the board, but if you are what your record says you are, the Raiders are still 1-3.

The run defense in particular has been so bad that I think they might have actually regressed. How could that be possible? I mean, last year they were really, really, bad! Like I said though at least it's exciting! What other defense can turn a simple hand-off into a highlight reel play at a moment's notice?

The kickoff coverage unit also deserves some special recognition for ineptitude. They're horrible. If Janokowski doesn't get it deep into the end zone there's a big play just waiting to happen.

It doesn't get any easier either. Except for the Raiders, the AFC West has been better than advertised. The Broncos just went on the road and beat a Titans team that throttled the Raiders in Week 1. The Chargers just went out and blasted the Cardinals, while the Chiefs took the week off after a tidy 3-0 start. Wait a minute, the Chiefs are 3-0? Anyway I think you get what I'm saying!

So what happens now?

Does Tom Cable get fired? Does Darren McFadden miss time with a hamstring injury? Doe Chaz Schillens ever make a contribution? Does Gradkowski have a prayer of making it through the season behind that offensive line?

These are only few of the questions facing the Oakland Raiders. I mean that too, seriously I could have kept going, but that's not the point. The point is there are more question...

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