Oakland Raiders’ 2010 Free Agency and Pre-Combine Mock Draft

Raiders have alot of work to do this offseason. Before the free agency period starts the raiders have theres a few of their own players that are free agents that they have to keep. They finally got step one out the way by signing Janikowski to a long term Deal. Next up most likely will be Richard Seymour as it should be. It may be hard for the Raiders to keep Morrison and Howard though. It would be beneficial for the raiders to keep both players. Morrison may be More valuable to keep as he is an above average MLB and maybe even better Sam LB. Howard is good in coverage but sometimes a liability in the run, but I still think he is a good linebacker. It would also be good if the Raiders can sign one big free agent. Im not sure if Al Davis has the money but Karlos Dansby needs to be pursued as well as Casey Hampton or Ryan Pickett. I would say Vince Wilfork but the Pats wont let him go. Gerard Warren and Javon Walker need to be released, Walker barely suited up last season and Warren is a rotational player at best and has a high salary cap number. Positions of need for Raiders in the Off-season are: OT, DT, MLB, Returners, FB, CB depth, LB depth. Alot of positions need to be filled and the team can only do so much in one offseason. Here is my mock draft. Begin Slideshow


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