Oakland Raiders’ 2010 Draft Strategy Taking Shape

The Oakland Raiders have been uncharacteristically quiet this off season, with no big- name signings as in previous years. But the release of some key veterans, and the free agent tenders applied to others, have given a clear indication that a movement towards youth is the theme for this year.

In some positions on the roster, it isn’t now a case of if they need new players on board, but who?

The release of Greg Ellis won’t leave that big of a hole, as Matt Shaugnessy showed he was up to the job standing in for Ellis in 2009.

With Cornell Green done for though, shocking though it was, he was our best option at right tackle. Despite all his penalties and poor play, when he was out injured last season, our line actually looked even worse.

Green has now signed with possibly the only team in the league with a worse offensive line than the Raiders: the Buffalo Bills.

And while many Raiders fans may well be glad to see him go (including myself), we now have to address the issue of who will replace him  There is certainly no one on the current roster capable of being a starting right tackle.

Any free agent options are extremely limited at this point in time, so you have to believe a replacement will be found in the draft. There are certainly options there, and when Oakland picks at No. 8, you have to believe that this is the way they will go.

Although not quite so clear cut as right tackle, linebacker is also a huge need for the Raiders in 2010. Kirk Morrison is clearly out of favour having been given an original pick tender only. The Raiders could have given him a second round tender and not had to pay him any more money. That is as sure a sign as you are going to get that he is trade bait.

If Morrison goes, then the linebacking corps is perilously thin, and you have to believe that Oakland will strengthen this area significantly too. They gave a lot of attentio...

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