Oakland Raiders 2010 Draft: Ranking the Top Five Offensive Tackles

Everybody knows Oakland has to fix the offensive line if they are to be competitive in 2010, whether through free agency or the draft.

Given their current starters and depth of talent (or lack of it) at the tackle position, the probability is that they will go in this direction early in the draft.

Whilst nothing is certain, it is likely that that the top five offensive tackles will go off the board in round one, but the rankings show some variation as you would expect.

In the end it doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what the scouts think and what Al Davis thinks. Now I don’t pretend to know what Al thinks, but here is how the scouts appear to be viewing things so far. Well, those on the Internet anyway.

The list is based on an average of how the players compare against each other in the positional rankings list.  The draft sites visited for this article include www.footballsfuture.com , www.gbnreport.com , www.draftcountdown.com , www.cbssports.com , www.draftdaddy.com , www.nfldraftbible.com , www.nfldraftgeek.com amongst others.

I haven’t included ESPN in this, because as a Raider fan, I never will...........

What it showed is that Russell Okung from Oklahoma State is the clear No. 1 on all but one draft boards I have seen, and that Bruce Campbell is rated the lowest in this group on every site.

These two features were consistent.

Other rankings varied, but Oklahoma’s Trent Williams was mostly rated No. 4, with the No. 2 and 3 slots being a close competition between Rutgers' Anthony Davis and Iowa’s Brian Bulaga. Davis just edged it.

So whatever you or I think right now, this is what the scouts are thinking as close as we can tell.

Of course, it may all change after the Scouting Combine with its positional drills and interviews and Wonderlic scores, but this is where we stand at present. 


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