Oakland Raider Training Camp Focus: The Receivers

Raider Nation is well aware of the of the upgrade at the quarterback position. The fleet of receivers should now get a chance to show who they are. This group of receivers can run past the wind and wait for it at the finish line. They may even be able to a make a relay team that medals in the Olympics. Hue Jackson is now in Raider Nation to bring in the vertical passing game. The Raider fleet can now team up with Jason Campbell's big arm to make this happen. Much has been made of the improvement to the passing game already. It is no longer a comedy of errors and less balls hit the ground than last year. Michael Huff said, " Before, the passing game wasn't up to par so seven on sevens we'd go out there and dominate. I won't say we got full of ourselves, but we thought we were better than we were. Then you get in the game and it's different" Turn the page to check the progress of the receiving corps.Begin Slideshow


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