Oakland Raider Training Camp Focus: The Defensive Line

With five sacks in the first half, the defensive line showed a lot of promise on Thursday night. They also didn't leave too much in the way of running lanes for the vaunted Cowboy running game.

The Cowboys are having issues at the left tackle position but only two of the five first half stats came from over the left tackle position.The entire Raider defensive line looked like a murderers row on a mission.

It really makes me wonder how much of the elephant scheme the Raiders will need as they got there with four on Thursday night. It looked like good old fashioned Howie Long, Lyle Alzado, Bill Pickel, Reggie Kinlaw, and third down pass-rush specialist Greg Townsend out there.

This is a deep unit that continued to harass the quarterback when the second came in. The run was still shut down when they came in as well.

It was as if the great wall of Raider Nation had been formed.

I understand this was a preseason game but the Raiders had three sacks in the opening drive. That means the starters were still in the game and they're trying their best to protect Tony Romo.

With the unit playing like this, it will be hard to make the team on the defensive line this year.

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