Oakland Raider Owner Al Davis: The Old Fool Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

Al Davis has gone against the grain of the NFL ever since he was the AFL's commissioner. In a previous article, I touched on how he escalated salaries in the AFL and forced the NFL take the AFL seriously, and eventually to merge.

But at the beginning of it, they must have thought, "What is this fool doing?" Now here we are, decades later, and Davis is still going against the grain of the league.

"He's lost it."

"He's senile."

"He needs to sell the team because he can't do it anymore."

That's all you've heard people say about him over the last decade of Raiders futility.

Then they calmed down a bit after Davis' offseason last year and the progress of his team in the 2010 season. This offseason so far, Davis has went on a major league spending spree, but has yet to lock in Nnamdi Asomugha and Zach Miller for the long term.

"What an old fool" is what I keep hearing people say of Davis.

Well, that old fool knows exactly what he's doing.

Turn the page to see why.

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