Oakland Raider Fans: What Kind of Fan Are You? Take the Poll

Here's a little poll. Its really doesn't mean much. Just kind of a break from the
normal "Who's gonna win the division," "Which fantasy player well do well," and
rookie prospect articles that dominate Bleacher Report in July.

So if you want a break from the norm, take a few minutes to take this survey.

So get out a pencil and paper and see just where you fit in as a fan!

For any A answer, award yourself 1 point.
For any B answer, award yourself 2 points.
For any C answer, award yourself 3 points.
For any D answer, award yourself 4 points.


Fan Quiz

1.For a home game you will:

A.Put on whatever is comfortable
B.Put on a Raiders' shirt and cap
C.Sport your favorite jersey
D.Where's the face paint, and my shoulder pads?

2.You wear your jersey based on:

A. I don't own a jersey
B. I like the player
C. Its my good luck jersey
D. I've matched it to the teams game jersey for today.

3.At a game, I will

A. Sit quietly unamused
B. Cheer at big plays (with the occasional high five)
C. Make noise, and yell "Defense" on every 3rd down the other team has
D. Get out a month's worth of aggression yelling at the opposing team and its fans

4.When the opposing team scores, you say:

A. Well, it just makes for a more exciting game
B. Don't worry guys, we'll get the ball back
c. Oh, come on ref, " That's Bull $**T", how'd you miss that chop block?
D. Shout obscenities at the opposing scorer with two middle fingers held high

5.During a trash talking scenario with opposing fans, you:

A. Why would I trash talk? It's just a game
B. You take small jabs at his team's best player
C. You give a full blown account as to why his team sucks
D. You are ready for battle, throwing all risk, caution, and rationalization to the...

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