Oakland Raider Fans Are Victims of False Rumor Mongerers

Heading into this season, we can be sure of at least one thing:

JaMarcus Russell is in the shape of his life and has been training in Phoenix, AZ, every day up until OTAs started. He's totally different from last year and lost quite a bit of weight. He is having special meals brought in and has a former Raider monitoring his progress.

Or at least according to Willie Brown.

Oh wait sorry... according to Tim Kawakami who has an "alleged source" close to the Raiders JaMarcus weighed in at 271 at OTAs.

Wait wait wait... that can't be right...because, according to ESPN analyst Adam Schefter, Jamarcus just tipped the scales at 290.

If Schefter said it, then it must be true...

I mean, Tom Cable was indicted on assault charges by the Napa-PD, then the Raiders fired Cable after the Ravens game. Also, don't forget Mike Shanahan is now coaching the Kansas City Chiefs.

Adam Schefter reported all that as well...oh wait, you mean none of that actually happened? And half the stuff Schefter says is completely bull.

At least two people here are liars, but who?

Adam Schefter reports pretty much everything and anything regardless of sources, integrity, or believability. And he's wrong about as often as he is right.

So picking out liar No. 1 seems easy

Hall of Famer Willie Brown is a former Raider player, former Raider coach, and still works for the team. So out of the three, he is easily the most reliable source.

But he is a bit of a Raider-homer. I would never call the great Willie Brown a liar. But that doesn't make him incapable of exaggerating, stretching the truth, or having an overly-pro-Raider bias.

Then there's Tim Kawakami. He is a documented Raider-hater who constantly spews opinionated anti-Raider bias.

Though he often slights the Raiders in his articles and his opinions may rub some fans ...

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