Oakland Raider Bruce Campbell: Why Move Him?

Bruce Campbell is 6'7'', 315 pounds, and two tons of left-tackle talent. He is a physical specimen the likes the NFL has never seen in an offensive linemen.

His physical measurables are also off of the chart, to match his sculpted body. He bench presses 500 pounds and repped-out 225 pounds 34 times at the combine.

Mike Mayock also timed Campbell at 4.78 in the 40 at the combine. His official time was 4.85 because they probably couldn't bring themselves to believe he was that fast. 

To go along with his speed, he had a 20yard shuttle of 4.69 and a three-cone drill of 7.58. Then he had a vertical leap of 32 inches with an 8'5'' broad jump.

Mayock said of Campbell, "His measurables are better than most tight ends." Campbell also has 36.5-inch-long arms. He is without weakness physically.

Dwight Galt was his strength coach at the University of Maryland. He said of Campbell, "He is the offensive line version of Vernon Davis." I can see the parallel between the two.

Many of you may see Campbell as a Tony Mandarich.

But Mandarich's physicality was brought on by steroids. He also didn't have good feet. Campbell has good feet as well as those long arms.

So what is stopped this beast from being a first-rounder?

Campbell's film doesn't consistently match his measurables.  Campbell (knee and turf toe) played hurt a lot in 2009.

Therefore, Campbell couldn't consistently be the beast he was capable of being in college last year. Coming out of school early after such a year couldn't have helped his cause either.

I originally thought the Raiders should trade for his former teammate Jared Gaither. I have since changed my stance upon thinking about Campbell's potential.

That is where offensive line guru Tom Cable comes in. H...

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