Oakland Radiers 2011: 18 Reasons Raider Nation Should Be Excited

Back in 2003, the Westside Connection with lead rapper Ice Cube released a song called Gangsta Nation. The first thing Ice Cube says in the song is, "Consider this an invitation to my gangsta nation."

Ice Cube is a known Raider fan and has since come out with Raider Nation.

But for the article title, I had to borrow the opening words from Gangsta Nation to invite football fans to Raider Nation. A lot of fans left the nation because all of the losing the Raiders have done from 2003-2009.

They were just 8-8 in 2010 but showed flashes of what they can become in the future. This invitation is for a limited time so football fans need to hurry up and become a citizen of Raider Nation.

Once the invitation is rescinded, Raider Nation borders will be watched like the U.S./Mexican and Canadian borders.

Turn the page to see why now is a great time to be a Raider fan. 

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