Oakland and The Veteran Quarterback: Is Donovan McNabb a Good Addition?

For any fan of the Raiders, history serves as a good teacher on experience. Oakland, and for a short while in LA has had a hard time home-growing their own quarterbacks.

With the lone exception of Ken Stabler and Tom Flores, the Raiders have always found gold or silver in their hunts with other teams. From the Bills, the Raiders found Daryle Lamonica. With the Patriots and the 49ers giving up, Jim Plunkett showed up. After we had a bad experience with Todd Marinovich, Jeff Hostetler rode into town, and after a nightmare trying out Jeff George and a small quarterback-by-committee season, the Raiders found Rich Gannon.

Hey, if it works, why not use it?

The latest news encircling Donovan McNabb has the QB from Philly being shopped for different reasons. To top it off, the coach Reid even said calls have come in, for all three quarterbacks, including Michael Vick.

So, what are the good and bad points about McNabb?

For one, he has already established himself as a good player, who needs to make the next step. He's played in the Super Bowl, has overcome injuries and played in the pro bowl. He'll probably enjoy a change of scenery, since Philly fans tend to be anti-social at times.

He also has the ability to perform under adverse conditions...who can forget that he broke a bone in his leg, but stayed in and had a career day?

However, the downside is his ability to stay healthy. To a degree Donovan McNabb has managed to play a full season four times. In 2008, he performed the stupid human trick by forgetting that games can end in a tie.

Lastly, he does have a swagger about him, that might just help our young WR players improve.

So, what do you think of this idea?

If the Raiders can make the deal, i'd say go for it. But if the Eagles want a large-scale deal, say a first round pick and say Asomugha....i'd tell them to keep shopping.

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