Oakland and the Other Side of the Coin: Who’s After Tom Cable?

Earlier, we had looked at the concept of Tom Cable staying with the Raiders. But what about the other side of the coin? What happens if Al Davis decides, "Hey Tom, we enjoyed almost two years of coaching from you, but we need to move on (not in a different direction)."

First things first, is if Cable is gone, you can imagine who he QB is going to be. Yes, I can hear it now—Jamarcus Russell. Love him or hate him, he's Al's million dollar baby, in more ways than one. Not to say that this is the main culprit behind Cable's departure, but it was Cable's job to have Russell win. Failing, he is gone.

Will a new coach be able to make Russell into a better quarterback? Doubtful. The best thing the next coach for Oakland can do is try talking Al Davis into developing an offensive line that can keep Russell up longer and teach him to hold onto the ball, cutting down the fumbles.

How about the teammates? One can hope that Cable's method of control helped the team stay focused on football and not on self-destruction. Given that only Russell took off for Vegas that may be a good sign, but it will be looked at again when the training camps open. If the team is allowed to revert to old habits, late nights and cupcakes, getting rid of Tom Cable will be the worst choice this club will have made since drafting Todd Marinovich.

Now, for all the gloom and doom there are some options that may work out well. If Al Davis can talk someone in who has a plan for fixing the offensive and defensive lines and stop the team from giving up long runs and big plays, I would be all for that.

The problem there lies in trying to fix everything by ditching one coach. Many problems exist, and while some are Tom's fault, Tom isn't the one on the field. But like many teams, the belief is that the coach needs to fall in order to stir up the team.

If the Raiders wanted to stir up some life for this club, just have Al Davis step down....

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