Oakland and the Draft: What is the Primary Area of Concern?

Oakland made another offseason move, pulling in a wayward quarterback in Kyle Boller, after his fall from the Ravens landed him in St Louis.

To a degree, one has to guess that this takes the Raiders off of the QB hunt, but this might be simply to protect the team if Jimmy Clausen or Tim Tebow are off the boards in the first and second rounds, respectively.

So, what are the Raiders going to concentrate on?

A lot has been made of the Raiders looking to the offensive tackle position, with names like Bruce Campbell making the circuit. The guy is an animal, but like other early picks, he would be raw. Another name that comes up is Trent Williams. Both play well, but it becomes a guessing game on which player will be left by the time Oakland comes up at No. 8.

Some had mentioned trying for a defensive player, on the line, such as Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh, however I feel both of these players would be out of reach. The only way the Raiders could hope for either, is a trade up (not out of the question), or luck that they fall down the draft board for us to make a play.

As for offensive players to help the Raiders, Dez Bryant have surfaced, but right now the Raiders already have a good corps of speed players. If the quarterback situation rights itself, the Raiders do stand to solve several problems with this draft. Fixing the offensive line has several players slated to do so....now it comes down to Al Davis making the call....

And not picking someone who shouldn't be drafted until the third round.

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