Oakand Raiders: They Can Go 11-5 This Year; They Can Also Go 5-11 Again

On Saturday evening, the Oakland Raiders went up the Chicago for a preseason game against the Bears. I saw a tale of two Oakland Raider teams during this preseason contest.

I don't mean the first and second units either.

The first unit was two different units on Saturday night.

On offense, there was the unit the took the ball down the field and scored on the opening drive (11-5). Then there was the unit that couldn't protect the quarterback and turned the ball over (5-11).

On defense, there was the unit that stuffed the run and didn't even allow Jay Cutler to complete one third of this passes. Then there was the unit that gave up an 89-yard touchdown run and a 22 yard touchdown pass.

So which team will we see for the 2010 season?

Let's take a look.

Run Defense

I didn't like the 89-yard touchdown run by Chicago running back Matt Forte but it's not cause for panic. However, I will say that it is definitely cause for concern.

The Raiders of the last few years got blown off the ball and gave up medium and long gains. Middle linebacker Kirk Morrison would get thrown to the ground while the running back breaks out for a big run.

This year's Raiders stopped Dallas's top flight ground attack in the preseason opener. They appeared to be doing the same thing in Chicago until they gave up the big play.

Richard Seymour was not playing but this one was on rookie rookie middle linebacker Rolando McClain. The play was probably the best thing that could happened to him this preseason.


The rookie got a little excited.

McClain was flying on the play and thumped one of the Chicago blockers on the play. The problem was he flew past the ball carrier to do so.

The 89-yard run was a rookie mistake he could learn from in the preseason. He didn't get bucked to the ground with his helmet sideways.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders