Note to Raiders: Stay Away from Flozell Adams

I've been hearing rumors around the Raider camp fire about signing Flozell Adams and, I have to say, I couldn't agree less. 

I know, the Raiders are in need on the O line.

I know, he's 6'7", 350 (hence the nickname Flozell "The Hotel" Adams.)

I know, he was a five-time Pro Bowl left tackle with the Cowboys. He would have made six straight Pro Bowl appearances had he not torn his ACL in 2005.

But don't you think there is a reason such a premiere offensive lineman such as Adams is still on the market?

Here's a $67,500 reason: Flozell Adams is as dirty a player there is in the NFL.

The first week of last season, Adams was flagged and fined $5,000 for an unnecessary roughness penalty called on him. Not too bad but I'm just warming up.

In Week Two of last season, Adams and the Cowboys were facing off against the Giants when Adams intentionally tripped defensive end Justin Tuck after Tuck blew him off the line. Tuck suffered a partially torn labrum and had to sit out a few games.

After the game, Tuck called Adam's blocking tactic "bush league" and that Adams was a "dirt-bag." It was hard to disagree when witnessing the evidence. The NFL fined Adams $12,500 for the incident.

The next time the two teams met, Tuck was healthy enough to match up against his new nemesis. Instead of taking the opportunity to resurrect his reputation, Adams chose to relish in his personal conflict with Tuck.

As time expired in the first half and the final play was blown dead, Adams used all his strength to shove Tuck to ground when Tuck had his back turned. Immediately, Tuck's teammates came to his aide and put Adams in his place by getting in his face shoving him back. The NFL did the same by fining Adams $50,000.

A penalty flag was thrown but, because it was the end of the half and Adams is on offense, the Giants had to automatically decline the pen...

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