Nnamdi Asomugha Trade: Extreme Personnel Moves for the Oakland Raiders

A little what-if series with me playing Oakland Raiders GM. Something has been wrong in Oakland for years now. Maybe I can fix it, if only in my imagination. Raider Nation needs some hope.

First off, how important is a shut-down corner when your whole defense stinks? Nnamdi is underutilized and wasted on a horrible Oakland Raiders team. Has Nnamdi not suffered enough? The Oakland Raiders need to focus on creating a more balanced defense, trading Nnamdi might not be a quick fix, but I think it is better for the Oakland Raiders in the long run. This is a team game; the greatness of one player is wasted when the team loses.

A few Nnamdi Asomugha trade rumors swirled through the air this past offseason. Most fans like me dismissed them, but with a sub-par 1-3 start of the 2010 season is it time to shake things up. Let’s take a look at some trade possibilities.

The first team that immediately comes to mind is the New England Patriots. They have a top-notch defensive minded coach who would love a stud corner in his prime. The Patriots are a fading star in a tough division, which is only getting better and they have to keep pace; Brandon Marshall, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, and Lee Evans come to mind. 

I bring up the Patriots because of their constant abuse of the Raiders through recent trades. The Randy Moss move for a fourth-rounder, Richard Seymour for our first-rounder this season. Could they rob us again?

Saying the Raiders need some offensive line help, is an understatement. Guess what, the Patriots have a disgruntled All-Pro Logan Mankins who would fit nicely in Oakland. Add Mankins to our line opposite Robert Gallery and we could greatly improve a struggling offensive line. A straight up trade would be a steal for the Patriots. How about Mankins and a high draft pick? I do not see Oakland getting their first-rounder back, but a second or third-rounder would be nice.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders