Nnamdi Asomugha Says Week 4 is a Must-Win for Oakland Raiders

Nnamdi Asomugha may be colorblind, but he can see and distinguish movement and get the job done on the playing field.

A limitation in one aspect of a player's ability can very well prompt the elevation of another skill or talent.

When I discovered that George Blanda used a special shoe for kicking the ball, I heard a mature student say that since Blanda was older he did not want to risk breaking his toes. He had the special shoe designed for him.

The curiosity in me made me do research on players like Tom Dempsey.

I even thought about physics and surface area.

Then, I wondered about the inflation level of the football, and if it is "off" whether that can change the trajectory of the path. The answer is yes.

Hum, I thought. Could something have been wrong with the football that Sebastian Janikowski kicked on Sept. 26? I wonder did anybody check that ball and who and how that ball was handled.

The game on Oct 3 is a "must-win." The Oakland Raiders do not want to have a 1-3, but they must aim for a 2-2.

Now let's talk about "penalties."

Could it be that the Oakland Raiders have too many penalties because they do not fully know the rulebook on penalties?

Here is a little help because those penalties must be reduced. It could be that the new guys on the team are functioning a certain way because of a lack of complete knowledge of the NFL rulebook.

Knowing both the playbook and the rulebook can make a big difference, I believe. What do you think?

The penalty that is definitely a "no-no" is the personal foul. It is uncalled for according to Nnamdi Asomugha.

Other penalties that must be avoided are the pass interference and offside penalties.

For goodness sake, keep the points down for the opponents. When I look at the numbers for the points the opponent were able to get in,say, 2008 and 2...

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