Nick Miller: Taking a Shot on the Underdog

Many NFL fans are conditioned to believe whatever comes from various media outlets. They'll have you to believe that certain players shouldn't play because of inane reasons such as their draft position, background, or experience.


Over the course of the past two preseasons, one could argue that the best WR on the Oakland Raiders has been young Nick Miller. The guy is super fast, runs great routes, and catches everything.

Last I checked, great route running and hands were severely missing from the Raiders receiving corp.

But Nick Miller can't start, he wasn't drafted, he's too small. He won't start, we're paying DHB and Schilens.


Too much politics in football these days for me. Nick Miller is making plays. Play him.

Same thing with JLH. People always talk about his attitude and all of these intangibles when the bottom line is that the offense moves when he is in the game. These type of players bring excitement and explosiveness that players like Asomugha and J.Campbell don't have. With this current structure and format, Nick Miller may not get a chance to catch a pass from Jason Campbell.

Not because he can't, but because he won't get the chance.

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