Nick Miller and Johnnie Lee: The Playmakers

Raiders fans have all kind of excuses as to why Nick Miller and JLH should not be a part of the regular receiving rotation.

"Louis Murphy (team leader in drops) is a beast, he caught a TD pass against the Steelers,  blah blah blah"..." Hayward-Bey will be way better with a good QB, blah, blah, blah." Preseason stats: five catches, zero TD.

Now on to the playmakers.

First let's discuss the excuses; "Nick Miller is to small." "He only does this against the backups" (He only plays against the backups). "He's a seventh rounder." "He's white" (oops that was your subconscious).

Well, all of that may be true, but his speed and hands are unquestionable. Somehow he manages to get behind the defense consistently and has the awareness to adjust to awkward balls. Bey can hardly catch the ones on target.

Im not dissin' Bey, but I think that the Raiders should ride the hot hands and give all the receivers an opportunity. Miller stretches the field the way Bey was supposed to. Besides, white receivers are in vogue right now. (See: Edelman, Amendola, Welker, Shipley, etc.) Play 'em!

Higgins makes plays. I don't give a damn what he does in practice. I'm sick of Cable coaching practice, coach the Effin game.

Higgins should have played last year. He was slated to start last season until someone decided to start two rookies. One of which dropped everything, while the other dropped plenty more.

Players whom don't regularly get opportunities generally play harder when they do (see Gradkowski) get the chance. Which is why the idea that practice has anything to do with the reason Higgins doesn't play is preposterous.

He has some beef with "Basic" Cable, supposedly...but I've never seen Cable score an  80-yard TD in the clutch and then bust a backflip.

Higgins is shifty, shaky, jerky and sneaky. Teams don't gameplan for him because they probably don't even know ...

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