NFL Week 7 Picks: Oakland Raiders and Teams Ready to Storm into Bye on High Note

The NFL season can be, and typically is, a grind, which makes each team's bye week that much more important to its success over the course of a 16-game campaign.

Not all teams with time off in Week 8 will be happy with their results heading in, though these three are on track for a positive spin to begin their midseason breaks.


Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are anything but a shoo-in to win in Week 7. They're facing a well-rested Chiefs squad and will be breaking in a brand-new quarterback of their own in Carson Palmer, who's spent the entire season playing with his kids in San Diego.

Then again, Kansas City isn't particularly strong this season, the Silver and Black will be playing in front of their home fans and, most importantly, their offense isn't at all predicated on the pass.

Palmer need only hand the ball off to Darren McFadden, the NFL's leading rusher, to ensure that the Raiders keep a steady lead over their AFC West rivals.

Green Bay Packers

Hmmm, let's see...the 6-0 Packers at the 1-5 Vikings. Pro Bowler and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers calling the signals on the one hand, and rookie Christian Ponder attempting to do the same on the other.

Forget about the "division rivalry" aspect; Green Bay is just too good here and will continue to be so long enough to enter the bye at 7-0. If you can think of any reason that Minnesota might have even the slimmest of chances in this one (other than Adrian Peterson), please let me know.

Atlanta Falcons

The Lions proved once again in Week 6 that failing to run the ball and stop the run often leads to defeats, especially against teams that have some sense of how to win.

The Falcons haven't done much winning this season, but they certainly know what it takes after claiming 13 games last season.

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