NFL Week 16 Predictions: Forget Defense, Oakland Raiders Need to Outscore Chiefs

The last time they faced the Kansas City Chiefs, the Oakland Raiders were thoroughly demolished at home, to the tune of a 28-0 scalping.

To make matters more embarrassing, the Raiders donated six interceptions to the Chiefs’ defense—two of which were returned for touchdowns. It was quite a debacle at the Coliseum.

What made that particular game so significant to the Raiders season, however, was the fact that it was Carson Palmer’s debut with the Silver and Black. The semi-retired quarterback had just been acquired during that week—after starter Jason Campbell broke his collarbone during the previous game.

The team was at a turning point of their season: Which direction should they go in order to feel safe and secure about who would guide them with Campbell sidelined? How would they reach the playoffs with second-string backup Kyle Boller as the starter? How would they win with him?

In a scramble mode, head coach Hue Jackson hand-picked Palmer to essentially save the team from having Boller during Campbell’s absence. With the addition of Palmer, Jackson forecasted sunny skies for the Raiders’ playoff hopes.

And Raider Nation was abuzz at that possibility.

The idea that Palmer would be the savior that would return the Raiders to prominence had the team more hopeful than it had been in nearly a decade.

But as we all know, Jackson’s prophecy has not come true: not yet at least. And the Raiders (7-7), find themselves at another crossroads: needing to win their final two games and get some help in order to reach the postseason.

And, again, the opponent standing in the way is the Kansas City Chiefs (6-8).

A lot has happened since these two teams last faced each other eight weeks ago. Both teams have been mired with injuries. Both teams have had their fair share of quarterback issues. Both teams have had up-and-down performances. Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders