NFL Touchdowns Leaders: Back To Back Honorees Include a Raider

An article citing the NFL players who were leaders in getting the most touchdowns in a season was published on Bleacher Report. This is an article related to it.

The focus of this article is to study those NFL players who were able to hold the honor of being touchdowns leaders in back to back seasons.

Those who received the honor of back to back leaders brought honor and respect to their team.

The list includes great football players before 1944 such as Don Hutson. Some historians categorize him in a so-called pre-modern era, spanning 1932 to, say, after World War II, in 1945.

During the modern era, there is an Oakland Raider who was the first Raiders wide receiver—or player for that matter—to hold the honor for two consecutive years. His name is Warren Wells.

Art Powell did get this recognition in 1963, but this is a study of consistency . Many NFL players have been recognized in this category but only a few of them demonstrated a high level of consistency and grabbed the honor for two consecutive years.

Here is the list

Pre-Modern Era

Don Hutson, 1933-1938, five consecutive years

Don Hutson, 1941 - 1944, four consecutive years

Post World War II - Modern Era

Spec Sanders, 1946-1947

Harlon Hill, 1954-1955

Jim Brown, 1958-1959

Jim Taylor, 1961-1962

Lance Alworth, 1964-1965

Warren Wells, 1968-1969, Oakland Raiders

Barry Sanders, 1990-1991

Emmitt Smith, 1994-1995

Marshall Fault, 2000-2001

Shaun Alexander, 2004-2005

Priest Holmes, 2002-2003

Although Marcus Allen was a leader for the Raiders in the 1980's, he does not stand out in this study because Allen did not get the honor in two consecutive years which is an indication of consistency.

So, if we look at the data and agg...

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