NFL SpreadSHREDDER, Week 14 East and Eaten: Oakland Raiders To Fail vs. Jaguars

SpreadSHREDDER Week 13 Record ATS: 0-3

Overall Record ATS: 17-18-1

Overall Record vs. Wagering Total: 2-2

The SpreadSHREDDER went 0-3 for the second time in history, but that simply means we now must do our best impression of GM by bouncing back and then shooting a commercial telling people about how we bounced back.


While it is unacceptable for the No. 1 teams in the NFC and AFC West to have such perennially weak divisions, there is a plausible reason as to why these divisions catch such annual hell in NFL.

The Eastern time zone is the geographical authority in the NFL, and oftentimes teams from out West must adjust to these time zones, negative body clocks and all.

Come Sunday, the Raiders must travel across two time zones to play the Jacksonville Jaguars at 1 p.m. EST, which is really 10 a.m. Raider time as opposed to the Raiders' regular start time of 1 p.m. PST.

This is bad news indeed, as in their last seven games in the Eastern time zone, the Raiders are 1-6 ATS.  Keep in mind that of their last six losses in the Eastern time zone, the Raiders lost those games by an average of 24.67 points.

Now, while handicapper stats like that are for marks, it is the fact that these particular stats are able to be explained (see first three paragraphs) that intrigues us to pick against the Raiders in this spot.

The Raiders will be coming off of an emotional divisional win against the Chargers, and must now try to stop the second-best running team  in the league with a piss-poor run defense that ranks 23rd in the NFL. 

Expect a flat Raider team to get blown-out by a Jacksonville Jaguars team with playoff hopes as Oakland continues its Jekyll (PST) and Hyde (EST) act. 



All the Cleveland Browns do is run the ball with a superior running back ...

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