NFL Rumors: Will Jason Campbell Be Content to Sit Behind Carson Palmer?

The National Football League is an unforgiving business. At any point in time, any player could lose their job and potential future in the league.

Right now, nobody knows that feeling better than Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell.

Campbell has been bounced around often in his career. He has never really been able to get into a rhythm with a team or coaching staff going back all the way to college.

Finally, this year he had that opportunity and was making the most of it.

He led the Oakland Raiders to a 4-2 start this season and played well in the process.

Over six games he completed 60.6 percent of his passes for 1,170 yards. He has thrown for six touchdowns and four interceptions.

Obviously, this is nothing spectacular, but it has been a solid performance thus far.

Then, last week Campbell suffered a broken collarbone.

With a decision to make, the Raiders went out and committed the future of the organization to Carson Palmer on a trade involving two first-round draft picks to Cincinnati.

Everybody has been talking about the crazy trade, but nobody has really touched on what it means for Campbell.

After he returns in a few weeks, Campbell will be the backup for this team.

ESPN AFC West blogger Bill Williamson posted much of Campbell's reaction and response to the trade.

“I was halfway still on pain medicine. It was kind of a moment of silence. My fiancée looked at me to see if I was going to say something. There's different things that go through your mind but you don't want to fill your mind with those thoughts.”

It appears that Campbell is taking the news the best way that anybody could in his situation.

That doesn't change the situation. It doesn't appear that Campbell will be back with the Raiders after his contract expires at the end of the year.

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