NFL Rumors: Bills, Raiders Among Teams Interested in Donovan McNabb

The talk of the day at the NFL's owners meetings is the announcement of the availability of Donovan McNabb.

Head coach Andy Reid said that all three of the teams quarterbacks are available.

This signals the beginning of the Kevin Kolb era in Philadelphia, and the likely end of veteran Donovan McNabb.

Rumors begin to loom about the potential suitors for McNabb.

Immediate reaction believes the Cardinals and Vikings may be interested.

However, reported moments ago by Fox Sports Jay Glazer, the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills are among the teams interested in McNabb, via twitter.

Jay_Glazer - "Been on a plane, landed to this McNabb mess. Bills and oak shown interest as have 2 others. Have told team no to trade 4 Kolb but will Don."

It didn't surprise me that the Buffalo Bills are interested in McNabb, who desperately need a quarterback.

Yet, despite Al Davis pulling anything in the book, I am surprised to hear the interest of the Raiders.

Does this signal the end of the era of JaMarcus Russell? Who knows what to make out of this, as this is simply rumors.

However, Glazer normally has reliable sources so I'll believe him when he says the silver and black are interested.


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