NFL Rule Changes That Altered the Game Forever

Since 1941, the NFL has changed or added rules over 40 times.

The 2000's decade has been the busiest in the history of the game, manipulating rules in every year. It is the only decade in NFL history this has happened. The 1980's, for example, changed rules just twice in the decade.  

The 2000's were led by two NFL commissioners who never played the game of football beyond high school. Paul Tagliabue, who retired in 2006, played basketball and the NFL he oversaw certainly showed that. 

Things have continued to disintegrate under the watch of Roger Goodell since. His latest brainchild, the 18-game season, will kill the OTA, fundamentals, and more possibilities of the unknown making a team out of a shortened training camp.

It will also most likely increase injury to the less prepared player. 

Here are some famous rule changes in NFL history to remember, in no particular order:

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