NFL Predictions: Oakland Raiders Training Camp Thoughts Thus Far

The Raiders have now completed three of their eight scheduled "walk-through" style practices involving no hitting and plenty of instruction. I've been trying to piece together the puzzle via various sources, because I can't attend camp myself living in eastern Canada (sad as that is, considering the surroundings and team).

Here are some thoughts as to what has transpired through the three practices thus far:


Chaz Schilens Sidelined Again

I'm not getting pessimistic here, because nobody at this point knows if there is anything wrong with Schilens physically, since the Raiders aren't talking. Schilens left the late-session practice last night with no limp or visible sign of injury, which is encouraging. But he didn't participate in the morning session today and watched with helmet in hand, which is not encouraging.

The success of the decision to move forward with the young receivers we have is directly tied to the health and participation of Schilens, who has been our most productive wideout over the past two seasons when on the field. No doom and gloom here; I'm simply recognizing the importance of Schilens and hoping this is all benign.



Passes Are Getting Picked

I've read quite a few tweets where a pass has been intercepted. Once again, not getting pessimistic about this because it's walk-through drills with no hitting, and it seems to be Bruce Gradkowski, Kyle Boller, and Charlie Frye the majority of the time.

Also, the receivers are still young and this is a learning period, so it's better it happens now anyway. I've also read an equal or greater number of tweets about nice pass plays being completed; it seems that only in last night's late session did the passing offense not play particularly well.


McClain in Position

I've read various tweets that speak of Roland...

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