NFL Predictions for 2010 Season: 10 NFL Teams That May Disappoint

Before every NFL season begins, fans like to place forward their predictions for how they feel each and every team will perform over the four month regular season period. For the most part, predicting the disappointing teams is no hard task. Teams such as St. Louis and Detroit come to mind, and at the end of the day, these are still struggling teams that are on the butt end of a league that continues to move forward. However, when it comes to predicting the surprisingly disappointing teams, well lets just say it does take a rocket scientist to figure it out. In previous seasons, we've seen many teams look impressive on paper, but completely fail in the regular season. Green Bay, New York and Jacksonville all come to mind, and all have felt their fair share of disappointment. But what about this season? Who will be a surprisingly disappointing team? It's a rather tough call, hopefully this list clears things up a little.Begin Slideshow


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