NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Focus on the Oakland Raiders

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Where do the Oakland Raiders currently rank?

I'll admit it, I was starting to buy into the Oakland Raiders.  Leading into their bye week, they were on a good three-game streak.  They got a HUGE victory in lopsided fashion against the Broncos in Denver.  They followed that up by getting another lopsided win, this time while hosting the Seahawks.  Their Week 9 victory over the Chiefs wasn't by a large margin, but the Chiefs are a good team.

Following the bye week, I had hoped they would show up better than this against the Pittsburgh Steelers...

but they didn't. 

The Steelers are a top-tier team, so I can't blame many teams for losing to them, especially when the game is played in Pennsylvania, but I had hoped for more than just a field goal for the Silver & Black.  I also had thought the Oakland defense would fare better than allowing 35 points.

So Oakland's not an elite team.  I think we all pretty much assumed that much.  They were at number 11 a week ago and that was probably a little too generous.  Where did they drop to after their lopsided loss to the Steelers?

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